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Middle Chile

It seems like I arrived in Santiago 2 days ago, but I suppose it´s been almost 3 weeks now. I only saw the inside of my hostel for my first two days in the capital because my body finally succumbed to the dreaded South American illness. It rained almost non-stop during those two days though (oh, how I miss Seattle) which meant I didn´t miss much and I had company in the TV room. We watched some decent movies and some absolute crap TV. These British girls were obsessed with America´s Next Top Model - why can´t I escape this show, even in friggin South America?!

I broke free from the hostel for one day after I was feeling better and wandered around the city. Santiago is a very cultured and interesting place. And, like the other capital cities I´ve visited, Santiago reminded me that everyone in South America dresses better than I ever will. Appearances are big here, and the Santiaguinos did not disappoint.

Despus de Santiago, fui a Valparaiso. I could see myself living in a place like Valparaiso (if only there was any hope of ever understanding the crazy Chilean accent).

The city is right on the beach, which satisfies my craving for water, and it oozes creativity out of every pore. Every building, every wall is an opportunity to create art in this town. I loved the energy here.

Hey, it says "street of dreams." I had to obey.

Even though I have the artistic ability of a sea slug (are they really uncreative? i guess i don´t honestly know), Valparaiso made me think even I could do something creative. My inspiration led to the writing of some terrible poetry, but I didn´t care if it was good, it satisfied a need. Pablo Neruda must have felt this same inspiration when he decided to settle down in Valparaiso. Of course, he went on to become one of Chile´s most beloved poets and my poetry won´t be read by anyone but me, but still. I could get there - just give me 6 more months in Valparaiso.


Blogger KIM said...

Hey Shell,
Being a art minded person I loved your pictures of Chili. I think the picture of you laying down on that wall speaks of all the fun you've had over there. A trip of dreams and so relaxed. I pray for your safe return.
Love, Mom

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