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Pub Golf 2006

Pub golf. The greatest game ever played. The leisure club ventured out last Friday night to play a round. Below are the highlights of the game (as far I as I can remember).

Jamie and I don the proper attire.

Hole #1, College Inn: The game is off to a good start with almost every one scoring 2 under par. Jamie barely makes par with his beer and vows to switch to mixed drinks.

Hole #2, Finn's: Everyone continues to make a solid effort. Rachelle and Meris struggle to get a hole-in-one, but all the other players score one with ease. Lindsay earns the first (and only?) spilled-drink penalty of the evening.


One of many double eagles.

Meris uses the table for

Another long drive.

Hole #3, Ruby: Small children look on as we down our drinks and annoy the waitress by asking her about her country of origin (south africa, it turns out). Missy and Chad join the game and try to catch up by taking shots.

Hole #4, Kai's: Chad and Missy opt for beer at this hole, which begins to look like a better strategy as the mixed drinks get stronger and bigger. Rachelle and Meris make a trip to the atm. They run. For no reason.

Hole #5, Earl's: Most players choose hairy navels for this round. An evil drink, which prroves to bbe the demise of one of the players (she will remain nameless). Meris wisely takes a penalty stroke and has water. Missy drinks her beer with a straw. Strangers begin to inquire about the game. No one is hit with a golf club.

Hole #6 & 7: Hmm, something must have happened at this bar.

I guess we were having a good time . . .

. . . and then the night came to an abrupt end.

All in all, a fantastic evening.


leisure club

i'm taking a moment away from writing about travel plans to write about one of the greatest things that's ever existed. i'm talking, of course, of leisure club. leisure club is this fantastically geeky thing that several members of my graduate class created to ensure that we actually went out and had a good time. a novel idea for graduate students, i know. leisure club exists whenever we spend some time forgetting about school and remembering the most important thing in life - drinking. and friends, enjoying life, yada yada yada. here's me enjoying a little happy hour leisure.

here is a great example of jamie, paul and i at a "leisure activity."

and here are some of the seasoned leisure clubbers (Chaitee, Emily, Ture, Chrissy, Jenny, Jamie [boy], Me and Jamie [girl])

as this year is quickly coming to an end, i'm sad to think that that also means an end to leisure. but this summer's leisure is already off to a great start, so no doubt we'll go out with a bang. with leisure, as with all other things in life, it's better to burn out than to fade away.


I am officially leaving for South America on August 28th! I just bought my ticket and want to pee my pants I'm so excited. I have to agree with my travel guy who said, "You know you're going on a great trip when just your flight itenerary is two pages long."

Well, no turning back now. Not that I want to in the least. It was a bit scary handing over all of that money though. I had a moment of panic wondering if I was doing the right thing or if this was incredibly irresponsible and a waste of money, but I got over that real quick. I will never regret doing this. And who gives a fuck about money?! I've known for many years now that my aspirations in life were not going to make me a millionaire, so I'm not worried about it. Yes, I will have to pay off my student loans for the rest of my natural life, but the experience will be more than worth it (and let's face, I would have to pay off student loans for the rest of my life even if I didn't go on this trip). And there's always the option of staying down in South America. I imagine there are lots of places to hide out down there, if one were so inclined. Hmmm, sounds lovely. No, no! I can't just skip out on all of my responsibilities. That would be wrong. I will come back . . . maybe.