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baños, no not THOSE baños

arrived in baños today and so far it is my favorite city in ecuador. i breezed through latacunga and ambato to the north and will stay in banos for a couple days.

maybe the best part of the trip to these cities has been the bus rides. although they´re not the most comfortable and i´ve had to listen to about a thousand speeches from the locals who hop on the bus before you depart and try to sell you stuff, i´ve seen the most amazing views of the andes. the mountains here are like nothing back home (imagine that, on another continent).

note to self and others planning travel: pack nothing. i thought i had packed very little, but am now developing some beautiful bruises on my arms from lugging my damn pack around everywhere. not smart. i´m thinking some things are getting shipped home in the near future.

well, i´m off to enjoy a little bit of baños nightlife and then i´ll hit the mountains tomorrow. buenas noches!


Blogger KIM said...

Sounds beautiful. Too bad about the hurt places from your back pack. Are the bus rides inexpensive? Tell some about the next place you stay. Are they all hostels. Love, Mom

12:53 PM

Blogger Emily said...

Rachelle! I just found your blog . . . Take more pics and post them! I'm living vicariously through you . . .

Are you really going to come back to the US? If not I may have to join you. Nate and Caesar want to come as well.

8:13 PM

Blogger KIM said...

hey rachelle this is rhianna i just wanted to say hi and ur mom or my aunt or whatever has been telling us about ur blog so i decided to check it out and type a blog. sorry about my typing and horrible spelling but thats how i type on my email to my friends. So i just wanted to let u know i hope ur having fun and that u send lots of pictures. I like the equator post where its not really the equator. Well I would just get really annoyed about the bus people and that sounds like that would get annoying. Well i just felt like typing u one and saying hi so HI and talk to u soon and see you when u get back
Luv Rhianna

8:50 PM

Blogger Rachelle said...

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7:15 PM


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